Speaking from the Heart: Speech Therapy with Corazon De Vida, founded in 2012 by Araceli Torres and Daniel Sandoval, is an organization that has partnered with the Corazon De Vida Foundation to provide speech and language, behavioral and educational services to children living in Baja California. Our purpose is to empower these children to take charge of their future by becoming self-advocates for themselves.

The Corazon De Vida Foundation, founded in 1994 by Hilda Pacheco-Taylor, is a U.S. based nonprofit organization that provides life sustaining support, medical services and education to more than 800 children spread across 14 orphanages in Baja California. Their mission is to end the cycle of child homelessness and poverty.










Araceli Torres
Speech-Language Pathologist










Daniel Sandoval
Behavioral Therapist

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